Class of 1990
Grapevine High School

School was a major part of our lives. This is our place on the web to celebrate those days long ago.

Our Story

To Strive, To Seek, To Find, and not to yield!

We are your classmates. We have a reunion committee that meets every 10 years or so to plan some fun activities for our class. If you would like to be a part of the team please feel free to reach out to any current members on facebook for info.


Alma Mater

On the threshold of tomorrow we'll forget in joy our sorrow

When we think of dear old GHS

We'll remember words of cheer that to many were so dear

Do we love her? Do we love her? Yes!

Grapevine dear Grapevine we know that you'll shine

When on you we so depend

Grapevine dear Grapevine for you our hearts pine

We're for you til the end.


Fight Song -

Put on your old white sweater with the big red letter

It's a Grapevine Victory tonights!

O'er the fields we'll plunder as we plow them under

It's a Grapevine victory night!

We are always looking for ways to celebrate.

If you have ideas or suggestions for what we can do please reach out. These reunions are for everyone and we are always looking for suggestions and ideas on how to make these events better.